Defryme was formed in 1989 in Frankston by Michael Richardson and Quinn Gardener-Kane, and was originally a musical cross between N.W.A. and Living Colour.

The band was not named Defryme at the time of its inception, and went nameless for many months before it was finally decided, during a ride home in Michael's purple Monaro, that to name the band after one of our many weird and wonderful song titles was probably the go. Quinn suggested "Defryme", the band's longest running song at the time (over 12 minutes worth), and as the other choice was "Mindf@#k", there wasn't really a debate.

After doing a few shows around Melbourne, the band quickly realized that the musical climate could not support their rap-heavy vocal style, and they quickly set about integrating more melody in the tunes and getting more rock with the music. It proved very successful. Defryme began playing some very good shows and started to get noticed for their total commitment to energy as a live act. Anyone on the scene at that time will remember the massive Wednesday nights at the Station Hotel in Prahran with Gravity (Chocolate Starfish) and Horsehead, how there were literally people hanging out windows and filling up the street outside to get in. Good times.

The self-financed E.P. "Stylo Curiae" was a rough and ready challenge to the recording industry to 'Love us, or hate us... You just can't ignore us'. Triple J in Melbourne and Sydney started rotating the song "Therapy" which was noticed by Chris Gilbey at A.R.E. Records, 'Find out who they are and make a date with them. Let's sign them!'. Defryme were later signed to BMG after a brief stint with A.R.E.

Playing around Australia with Caligula and The Jaynes, on the 'Turn Up Your Radio tour, allowed Defryme to really fine-tune and re-invent. The band's tenacity and out of control performances quickly won the Caligula-loving crowds over, and soon the word was out that Defryme were absolutely, positively a band on a mission. Again, really good times with great friends.

In 1994, the band's first album, "Purekiller", debuted at #3 on the Nation ARIA chart. Soon followed a string of well-received singles including a cover of LL Cool J's 'Mama Said Knock You Out' and Defryme originals, 'God Inside A Man', 'Purekiller' and the crossover track 'Sanity'. Defryme were invited to play at the South X Southwest music conference in Austin TX later the same year. The gigs were massive and some good times were had by all. Acts on the bill included Johnny Cash, Wil Sexton and Frente'.

Upon their return home, Defryme embarked on the 'Assault You Senses' tour with Scary Mother, Juice and The Truth. It was a fantastic tour in many ways for the band, but it was also to be their last tour for the foreseeable future.

Defryme are now back with a fresh perspective and a new bunch of songs mixed in with their favorite legact songs. The new songs are a reflection of the Defryme of the past, but with the perspective of individuals that have had the opportunity to step outside of what they were doing, and try something else for a time. It has been some time coming but Defryme promise you that it will definitely be worth the wait.